Lower East Side: Portal To America, June 1981. Stencil mural (148 x 180")



The mural was a contribution to an artists organized groupshow "Ninth Street Survival Show."



The show took place in an abandoned public school at 605 East 9th Street.



Theme of the mural is the exploitation by real-estate and the devastation of heroin in the neighborhood.



Stencil Mural for Exhibition at the "Home Again Gallery," Toronto, Canada, 1980.


One of my first outdoor stencilling projects was in 1980 for an exhibition at a gallery in this small house.


The idea was to extend the exhibition into the street, neighborhood and community.



Galleries are as speakeasies, aloof generally, not inviting but to the initiated.


This act of mine was intended to engage the general public and encourage them to cross the divide.




Group Exhibition at ABC NORIO, Nov. 16 - Dec. 13, 1980. ABC NORIO, 156 Rivington Street, New York City.







The Horror Show of Science, 1981. Coney Island Show, Coney Island, New York City.

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